Ô Plancton bread : A newcomer to our plates

The first sense to be surprised is sight: with its bright greenish blue and blackish brown colours, this bread immediately catches the eye. You've never seen anything like it! It's true that plankton, a product of the sea, is a newcomer to our plates. Under its different forms, it is made up of micro-organisms which are more frequently used as dietary supplements. However, iron-rich spirulina and protein-rich chlorella are now making inroads into the kitchen with our plankton bread.

The second surprise is for the nose, with the bread's slightly marine, briny smell that conjures up the sea and makes your taste buds tingle. The third surprise is for the tongue, with an explosion of flavours that is the signature of Ô plancton bread. For more information, go to the website of the French Plankton Observatory: